Cherokee County Master Gardeners Donations

Our 80+ active Cherokee County Master Gardeners Volunteers annually donate thousands of hours providing educational programs that reach over 258,000 Cherokee County residents.

Your financial support will allow us to enhance these horticulture educational programs, help us reach our constituents and ensure our community gardens serve as a foundation for learning and discovery. 

Through attending our gardening programs, people are able to make environmentally sound gardening decisions, learn how to identify pests while using safe integrated pest management, and select healthy plants that will increase property values and the beauty of home landscapes.

Families and individuals can learn how to grow their own fruits and vegetables, and youth can gain exposure to the joy and wonder of gardening. 

Your donations will be used to:

  • Heighten hands-on learning experiences for youth at area school gardens

  • Expand opportunities for homeowners to access University resources and workshops

  • Provide scholarships to students interested in the consumer horticulture field

  • Enrich opportunities for Seniors that contribute to their overall health and well-being, through gardening programs at Senior Centers

  • Ensure food security issues are being addressed for families with limited resources

  • Encourage stewardship by helping families learn how to grow their own food

  • Strengthen communities by providing support to community gardens

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