Container Bog Gardening

Two factors influenced my passion for growing bog plants in containers. About ten years ago I met a new friend who had beautiful pots of pitcher plants interspersed in her landscape. She gave me a couple plants and with her minimum instructions they flourished in my yard.  Then in 2016 I became a Cherokee County Master Gardener. I was introduced to a real in ground bog garden at the Cherokee County Demonstration Garden. There I met Dr. Meg Hilf, another Master Gardener who had envisioned and installed this lovely bog. She asked if I wanted to help her maintain it. Did I? YES indeed! Then I began to really study and learn about these fascinating Carnivorous plants. 

Knowing I could never have an inground bog garden where I lived, I began purchasing bog plants, mostly pitcher plants and preparing my own container bogs. These pots could easily be placed and moved to sunny areas of my predominantly shady landscape.

Bog plants require sun. They are a constant source of joy, easy to maintain, and FUN. You too can grow these interesting, beautiful plants with simple instructions. 

We hope to have our bog garden in place once more this year at the Senior Center. You will want to see it and learn. But beware: growing bog plants in containers can be addictive! 


Hope Sorrells,

Cherokee County Master Gardener

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