Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteers
2022 Annual Report

Active GA MGEV's
Georgia Volunteer Service Hours
Given Back to Georgia Communities
$ 4200000

Improving the Lives of Cherokee County Residents

Since 1995, UGA Extension has trained volunteers in Cherokee County in the science and art of gardening as part of a nationwide education and service program.  Currently there are 75 Expert Volunteers working with the program in Cherokee County

As representatives of the University of Georgia, Master Garden Extension Volunteers provide the public with the latest research-based information using a variety of programs and projects

Education is provided to the pubic through workshops, seminars, plant clinics, demonstration gardens, school programs, fair exhibits, newsletters/newspaper articles and operating a helpline to answer consumer questions

Master Gardeners address topics related to plant science, weed identification, enviornmentaly conscious ways to control plant diseases and pests, composting, bees and pollinators and home vegetable and flower gardening.

A Demonstration Garden maintained by Master Gardeners, at the Canton Senior Center provides hands on learning opportunities for residents.  Plants grown at the garden are offered for sale providing revenue used to expand educational programs.

Weekly newspaper articles written by Master Gardeners and Extension Staff address multiple topics related to best gardening practices.

Impact Statement

The Cherokee Master Gardeners program influences the lives of over 260,000 Cherokee residents by providing information about horticultural practices and techniques.  As trained representatives of the University of Georgia Master Gardeners provide the public with the latest research based information using a variety of programs and projects.  Many times Cherokee County residents make their first connection to UGA when they seek out the expertise of a Master Gardener.

Under the guidance of the UGA Extension County Agent, 47 volunteers reach out to the county residents through workshops and seminars.  They are the local experts that people turn to for sound information about such topics as organic gardening, landscape and tree maintenance, plant diseases, pest control, composting, and fruit production.  Master Gardeners contribute 4500 hours annually to special programs and projects.  Their volunteer service to Cherokee County is a contribution f over $104,000 that helps to improve the quality of life for county residents.  It also adds to the overall environmental well-being of the county when citizens have access to information that they ca use to make ecologically sound decisions about their home gardens and grounds.

As Cherokee County continues to grow, the Master Gardener Program is dedicated to expanding its offering to meet the needs of all our residents.  Specific programs will be designed to bring people together to work at creating pleasing landscapes and improved environment through adapting best practices in gardening and horticulture.  We are committed to the value of gardening with all segments of the community including children, families, seniors, focusing on plants as an avenue to human and community well-being.

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