Arbor Day in Canton
Friday, Feb 17, 2023

By:  Jerry Ince, Cherokee Master Gardener Volunteer


Arbor Day came in like a lamb and went out like a lion.  The all-night rain finally ended ½ hour before the 9am opening of the sapling giveaway event.  The morning was for just an hour overcast and calm.  But then the wind started up and by the 4pm closing, the Cherokee County Master Gardener Volunteers staffing the gazebo experienced a constant 10-20 mph northwest wind with gusts 20-30mph!  Thankfully the temperature hovered around 42-43 all day.  It could have been worse.  But it sure felt raw with high humidity and a 30-32 degree wind chill the entire day.


But wait!  There was also huge success for this 3rd Friday in February annual event!  The Master Gardeners helped 150+ citizens select the “right” tree (among 7 species available this year) for their unique property.  The chances of success in planting their 1’-4’ sapling this Spring and having it become a family heirloom some years down the road was made high.  Much good conversation, laughter and consulting were enjoyed by all.  Most all citizens took time to thank the Master Gardeners for their assistance and for braving such a day to give healthy trees away.  Wildlife benefits.  Our “Tree City” certification is promoted.  Cherokee County and the city of Canton are more beautiful.


Thank you City of Canton for sponsoring this event again.  Thank you US Forestry Service (GA) for brining so many very healthy saplings to the table (year after year).  Thank you Cherokee County Master Gardener Volunteers for matching the right tree(s) to each citizen’s special yard.

Next year will bring us a new selection list of trees to enhance our properties and God’s green earth.

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